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Winner 2015: "Hand in hand", Alain Rakotoarisoa (Madagascar, 2015)

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

This year European Scientific Conference in Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology (ESCAIDE) will be held in Stockholm between 28th - 30th November 2016. The EPIET Alumni Network (EAN), in collaboration with ECDC, is organizing the fifth edition of the photo contest, open to all conference attendees.

Therefore, if during your adventurous life as a epidemiologist/microbiologist/public health expert:

Join the EAN photo contest at ESCAIDE

The deadline for submission of a photograph is Monday 21th November, 2016.

You will find here below the rules and information on the selection process

All photos will be displayed during the conference and attendees will be asked to vote for their preferred picture.

Voting will close after the lunch break of the third day (30th November) of the conference.



Purpose and content : the purpose of the ESCAIDE photo contest is to provide the participants of the ESCAIDE conference with a different perspective on the work of field epidemiologists/public health microbiologists. We therefore invite you to submit photographs that represent any of the many aspects (people, landscapes, cultures, everyday work) of field epidemiology/microbiology in an artistic way.

Who can submit a photograph ? The contest is open to everybody attending to ESCAIDE< conference. A maximum of two pictures per person can be submitted to the contest. If more than two photographs are submitted, the EAN board reserves the right to choose two photographs to be displayed;

Deadline: the deadline for submission is Monday 21th November, 2016.

Submission criteria :

Submitted photographs that will not meet submission criteria will be rejected.

Exclusion criteria: Photographs depicting sexual, pornographic, violent, discriminatory or unlawful contents will be rejected.

Selection process: If more than two photographs are submitted, the choice of the photographs to be exhibited will be made by a the EAN board. Votes will be counted by members of the EAN board and the winning photograph will be announced and awarded during ESCAIDE closing ceremony.

Exhibition: All photographs will be exhibited during the ESCAIDE conference (Stockholm, Sweden, 28th - 30th November 2016) and will be displayed on both the ESCAIDE and EAN websites.

Voting: Each participant of the conference will receive a voting slip together with the registration package. Only one vote per person is possible. Voting will be open during all three days of the conference and will close after the lunch break of the third day (30th November).

Copyright and permission: The person who submits a photograph give consent to the ownership right mentioned below and must agree with the consent form (see next page).

Ownership: Ownership of the photographs will be maintained by the participant. However, by submitting a photograph the author gives permission to EAN to display it during the 2016 ESCAIDE conference, on the EAN and ECDC website; to reproduce it in print and/or electronic EAN materials (e.g. the quarterly newsletters) after ESCAIDE; or to display the photographs via EAN/ECDC facebook and twitter pages.

Note: This platform is kindly provided by Epiconcept for the ESCAIDE photo contest 2016.